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lunes, mayo 29, 2006


01-Iron Maiden Paschendale
02-Neaera Heavenhell
03-Mago De Oz Rodarán Cabezas
04-Children Of Bodom Rebell Yell
05-The Sword Winter Wolves
06-Motorhead Ace Of Spades
07-Tool Vicarious
08-Gorgoroth Wound Upon Wound
09-In Extremo Sangrada Trobar
10-Malon La Fábula Del Avestruz Y El Jabalí
11-Animal Sin Ley
12-Therion Sun Of The Sun
13-Therion Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
14-Opera IX The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner
15-Decapitated Postorganic
16-Chimaira Comatose
17-Lamb Of God Blood For The Scribe
18-Brujeria Brujerizmo
19-Spiral Architecte Adaptabillity
20-Arcturus Moonshine Delirium
21-D Zero The Final Destination

lunes, mayo 22, 2006




1-Immortal Moonrise Fields Of Sorrow
2-Stratovarius Gotterdammerung
3-Devlin Divinity
4-Amoral Decrowning
5-Children Of Bodom In Your Face
6-Asmegin Efterbyrden
7-Anathema Everything
8-Emperor Ensorcelled In Khaos
9-Crematory Wake Up
10-Dol Ammad Eclipse
11-Circus Maximus Why I Am Here
12-Dragonlord Curse Of Woe
13-Entombed Wolverine Blues
14-Sepultura Territory
15-Edenbridge Terra Nova
16-L6b6t6my Attack To The Sky
17-Mastifal En Las Entrañas Del Apocalipsis
18-Tulus Tarn
19-Jezabel Sigue Un Paso Mas
20-Vampiria Ancient Fear
21-Anorexia Nervosa Antiferno
22-Communic My Bleeding Victim
23-Artension The Day Of Judgement
24-Elvenking Swallow Song

lunes, mayo 15, 2006


¿Que opinas de la escena marplatense?
Opinen libremente sobre todo lo que conforma la escena:
bandas, publico, medios, lugares, etc ..


01-Awakening The Centuries Haggard
02-Dreamstate Emergency Mnemic
03-Children Of Chaos Silentium
04-Ground Zero Total Devastation
05-Breakout The Hammers Hevein
06-Leaving The Shadows Divinefire
07-Taking Back My Soul Arch Enemy
08-Figth Until We Die Manowar
09-In Torment's Orbit Old Man's Child
10-Lack Of Compression Susperia
11-The Fiddler Weltenbrand
12-The Drowning Years While Heaven Wept
13-Moment Of Clarity Death
14-When Heavens Burns Deicide
15-They Aren't All Beautiful Maudlin Of The Well
16-Last Judgement Day The Crescents
17-Wounds Masterplan
18-A Good Day To Die Pain
19-Ar Korrigan Du Heol Telwen
20-My Friends The Old Dead Tree
21-Decepcion Damned
22-From The Depths Yyrkoon
23-Relationship: Erased Lords Of Decadence
24-Pixillate Devin Townsend
25-Malicious Intent Gorefest

lunes, mayo 08, 2006


Sabado 20 de Mayo 00hs. Vinoteca Perrier (España 2051)
Entradas Anticipadas a $5 en Locuras y en Hijos De La Luna records.


El domingo 16 de Julio en Obras (Av.Libertador 7.300)
Banda soporte: Eidyllion
Entradas anticipadas proximamente en Hijos De La Luna records
valor $50 y $60


Vienen a Argentina, el domingo 11 de Junio en El Teatro.
Bandas soportes: Eva, Ethereal, Bloodparade y Vampiria.
Las entradas disponibles en Hijos De La Luna
(Galeria Torreon, S.Fe 1844, loc. 15)
su valor $50

PROGRAMA 434 - 07/05/06

1-Low Testament
2-Blood Tells Moonspell
3-The Pentagrams Burns Satyricon
4-Your Troubles Are Over The Gathering
5-Dehumanization Meshuggah
6-Loco Coal Chamber
7-Evil Ladies Norther
8-Heresy Pantera
9-The Ignoramus Elegy Hidden In The Fog
10-Cursed Destiny Penumbra
11-You're Mine Evereve
12-Solitude Elegeion
13- (N)utopia Graveworm
14-Going Going Gone Exodus
15-I Am The Wooden Doors Agalloch
16-The Predator's Hunt Subliritum
17-Not My Kind Royal Hunt
18-Calculate The Apocalypse Scar Symmetry
19-Stigmata Oneiros
20-Tears Of Chors Profanum
21-Leaves Scars Amorphis
22-Dark Mother Divine Dissection
23-I Am The Black Wizard Emperor
24-Jubilant Cry Nightrage