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miércoles, mayo 30, 2007


01-Metalium Straight into hell
02-Altaria Fire and ice
03-Omnium gatherum Undertaker
04-Theatre of tragedy Sweet art thou
05-Daath From the blind
06-At vance Cold as ice
07-Krypteria I cant breathe
08-Axamenta Demons shelter within
09-Those endless eyes Winds of desolation
10-Menhir Das atte lied des windes
11-Nightwish Eva
12-Almah Scary zone
13-Immolation Hate's plague
14-Graveworm Touch of hate
15-Iron fire Dragon heart
16-Fjoergyn Das leid des einhorn
17-In this moment Daddy's fallen angel
18-Cadaveria Laying in black
19-Dying fetus Fate of the condemned
20-Arafel Wrong future
21-Tacere Deep tears of tragedy
22-Destinity Divine extase
23-Devil driver Bound by the moon
24-Within temptation Hand of sorrow
25-Compos mentis In the womb of the winter
26-Marduk Through the belly of damnation
27-Freedom call United alliance
28-Dark tranquillity The lesser faith

miércoles, mayo 23, 2007


01-Hevein Breakout the hammers
02-Elis Phoenix from the ashes
03-Ankla Deceit
04-Machine head Beautiful morning
05-Forgive me not Bittersuite mixture
06-Emperor Beyond the great vast forest
07-Redemption Bleed me dry
08-Fear my thoughts Blankness
09-Ador dorath Earth
10-Master In control
11-Behemoth Slaying the prophets ov isa
12-Masterplan Take me over
13-Paradise lost Prelude to descent
14-Aesma daeva The bluish shade
15-Onslaught Killing peace
16-Opeth Moonlapse vertigo
17-King diamond Never ending hill
18-With passion Through the smoke lies apath...
19-Gaia epicus The sign
20-Kronos Bringers of disorder
21-Ozzy Silver
22-Kill the romance I'm alive
23-Satyrian My legacy
24-Officium triste On the crossroads of souls
25-Obscurus advocam To the bone
26-Shaman One life
27-Behemoth Pazuzu
28-Vital remains Dechristianize
29-Mechanical poet Aztel zombies

miércoles, mayo 16, 2007


01-Wasp Mercy
02-Neomenia El hombre y la guerra
03-Gorefest Malicious intent
04-In flames Dead end
05-Iron savior The omega men
06-Thus defiled Blackreign
07-Bleeding through Confession
08-Lacrimosa Lichtgestalt
09-Judas priest Rat it down
10-Iron maiden 22 acacia avenue
11-Queensryche Revolution calling
12-Patan Autentico patan
13-Chthonic Quasi putrefaction
14-Kalmah Bitter metallic side
15-Korpiklaani Tervaskanto
16-Symphony x Set the world on fire
17-Cadaveryne Motherless bastard
18-Kotipelto Angels will cry
19-Cadaveria Player of sorrow
20-Overkill Elimination
21-Forbidden Infinite
22-Kreator Coma of soul
23-Ocean of sadness Mirror palace
24-Deathstars Play god
25-Dream theater The dark eternal night
26-Larry sabala Lo fatal
27-Visceral Como lluvia de estrellas
28-Horcas No habra piedad
29-Adorned brood In vitro
30-Winds of torment Devoid of essence


miércoles, mayo 09, 2007


01-Nevermore My acid words
02-Aeternitas Kruppel
03-Siebenburgen Plagued be thy angel
04-Rough silk The angel and the raven
05-Despised icon In the arms of perdition
06-Kamelot Rule the world
07-Nightrage Spiral
08-Cannibal corpse Murder worship
09-Sun caged Lyre's harmony
10-Sleep terror Ginzu frenzy
11-Turisas The dnieper rapids
12-Black messiah Die suhte des fever bringers
13-Megadeth Never walk alone
14-Darkwell Crown of thorns
15-Savage circus Between the devil and the seas
16-Sonic syndicate Aftermath
17-Steve vai Pig
18-Strapping young lad You suck
19-Devin townsend Ziltoidia attaxx
20-Elend Le devoreur
21-Winter of sin Overrompeld
22-Moi dix mois Metaphysical
23-Antimatter Redemption
24-Cathedral Upon azrael's wings
25-Korpiklaani Liekkion isku ( the revenge of liekko)
26-Vanguard Ephemeral
27-Udo The wrong side of midnight
28-Bethlehem Gestern starb ich schon heute
29-Rotting christ Phobos synagogue
30-Megadeth A tout le monde

miércoles, mayo 02, 2007


01-Dol ammad Master of all
02-Oneiros Phoenix
03-Lilitu Fragments of my reflections
04-Poverty's no crime Meet me at the sky
05-Rammstein Zerstoren
06-Candlemass Emperor of the void
07-Penumbra The last bewitchment
08-Iced earth Ten thousand strong
09-Asrai In front of me
10-Non opus dei Neither by time nor space
11-Naglfar Feeding moloch
12-Megadeth Washington is next
13-Allen/Lande The revenge
14-Gloria morti Xanadu
15-Penumbra A torrent of fears
16-Xandria Emotional man
17-Samael Slavocracy
18-Sinner Under the gun
19-Akercocke Man without faith or trust
20-Octavia sperati Guilty i am
21-Excruciate The gateway to your guts
22-Rose funeral State of decay
23-Dream theater Constant motion
24-Pain Clouds of ecstasy
25-Epica Illusive consensus
26-Turisas Five hundred and one
27-Renacer Entre la gloria y la traicion
28-Inferi Defeated to cruelty of the storm
29-Logos Rescatando lo perdido
30-Inner shrine The inner shrine
31-Enid An ode to the forlorn
32-Unleashed This is our world