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viernes, junio 29, 2007


Se acerca la fecha y este domingo 1ero de Julio vamos a estar sorteando dos cds de Those Endless Eyes "Awaits behind", escuchanos y participá!


martes, junio 26, 2007


01-Grave digger The terrible one
02-Into eternity Timeless winter
03-Epica Force of the shore
04-Dimmu borgir The sinisterawakening
05-King diamond Mirror mirror
06-Deadlock Crown of creation
07-Amorphis Weaving the incantation
08-Nonexistence Descending horizons
09-Nightwish While your lips are still red
10-Nightwish Eva
11-Crionics Neuthron aeon
12-On thorns i lay Poster on a wall
13-Farmakon Time tables
14-Blut aus nord Chapter 2
15-The clan destined A beautiful start to the end of the world
16-In lingua mortua Awe and terror
17-Dreamquest Too late
18-Hellyeah Goddamn
19-King diamond The floating head
20-Pain Psalms of extinction
21-Tren loco Train of consecuences
22-Almafuerte 1999
23-Carnarium El lamento del vampiro
24-Nile Laying fire upon apep
25-Officium triste My charcoal heart
26-Scars of chaos Son excellence de la douleur
27-Battlelore Summon the wolves
28-Darkness over depth Dreamy yesterday
29-Eternal tears of sorrow Blood of faith
30-Left hand solution Shadowdance
31-Thunder rider Thy kingdom come

jueves, junio 21, 2007


Se acercan los 500 programas y lo celebramos invitando a 10 bandas locales (una banda por bloque) a que presenten temas y nos cuenten un poco que estan haciendo..Sugieran bandas, y las bandas interesadas anotense. Gracias

lunes, junio 18, 2007


01-Trail of tears As it penetrates
02-Aghora Atma's heave
03-Wasp Long long way to go
04-Violent work of art As the sky comes falling down
05-Akercocke The dark inside
06-Nuclear blast all stars Slaves to the desert
07-Virgin black And i am suffering
08-Rlyeh Ruhe
09-Imperial crystalline entombment Onward banshee legions
10-Supremacy Angel
11-Ensiferum Raised by the sword
12-Devil driver Head on to heartache
13-Theatres des vampires Bring me back
14-Candlemass Man on shadows
15-Sonic syndicate Blue eyed friend
16-Malsain Mechanical rain
17-Thurizas Falling
18-Six feet under Zombie executioner
19-Ride the sky New protection
20-Control human delete Protocol of systematic belief
21-Swallow the sun Hope
22-Odious mortem The endless regression of mind
23-Monogono True nature revealed
24-Sonata arctica It wont fade
25-Deicide Not of this earth
26-Fortid World of hell
27-Crematory Warum
28-Angelcorpse Hexensabbath

lunes, junio 11, 2007


01-Hidden in the fog Dwelling and growing
02-Naildown Judgement ride
03-Kamelot Up through the ashes
04-Megadeth Blessed are the dead
05-My dying bride And i walk with them
06-Dark tranquillity A closer end
07-Leng tche Tainted righteousness
08-Lion's share Clones of fate
09-Hellveto Krucjata
10-Shadows fall Storm winds
11-Korpiklaani Veriset aparat (bloody bastards children)
12-In this moment Ashes
13-Brujeria Vayan sin miedo
14-Lord belial Ancient splendor
15-Therion Riders of theli
16-Symphony x Seven
17-In vain October's monody
18-Hel Cold ways
19-Nuclear blast In the picture
20-Cap the craniu Killer shit
21-All shall perish Day of justice
22-All ends Alone
23-Ill nath Virgin soil
24-The gathering Your troubles are over
25-Lethal El ultimo sobreviviente
26-Kamikaze Rompiendo las barreras
27-Logos Como relampago en la oscuridad
28-Profanatica Unto us he is born
29-Nile Papyrus containing the spell to preserve its
possesor against attacks from the who is in the water
30-Draconian The dying

miércoles, junio 06, 2007

Gorgoroth en argentina!!

Estara presentandose en El teatrode flores el 19 de septiembre

Asesino en Bs. As !!!

En septiembre en el teatro de flores, en un festival con bandas nacionales

Se fue Anneke de The Gathering

En agosto sera el ultimo show, ellos seguiran con otra vocalista ,no necesariamente mujer, y ella seguira con su proyecto Agua de Annique , con el cual editara un album antes de fin de año.

martes, junio 05, 2007


01-Annihilator Army of one
02-Vintersorg Naturens mystar
03-Samael Solar soul
04-Rhapsody of fire Heart of the darklands
05-Insomnium Change of heart
06-Solefald Red for fire black for death
07-Cruachan The very wild rover
08-Entombed Serpents saints
09-Even vast Infected
10-Iced earth The coming curse
11-Fatal Killed in kaptivity
12-Sigh Inked in blood
13-Vision divine The 25th hour
14-Trelldom By my will
15-Dispersia Dispersia
16-Gorefest The war on stupidity
17-Finntroll Nedgang
18-Trimonium The wisdom of acrying stone
19-Funeral Red moon
20-Asesino Adelitas
21-Unexpect Summoning scenes
22-Behemoth Arcana hereticae
23-Insania Facing my destinity
24-Trivium Unrepentant
25-Shade empire The silver
26-Amon amarth Prediction of warfare
27-Nile User maat re
28-Blood red throne Path of flesh
29-Silent force Walk the earth